Posted by: R Manimaran | November 28, 2014

Creating Navigation under Parent in SharePoint 2013 using REST API

In the Previous blog post we have seen how to create a Navigation using REST API in SharePoint 2013. Using that the Navigation will be created at the end. Suppose consider I have a parent Navigation node and I need to create my new Navigation under that. To do we need to use the below end point.

REST End Point URL: /_api/Web/Navigation/GetNodeById(1031)/children

Here the value 1031 is the ID of the parent Node. You can get that using the GET verb of the below endpoint.


The REST Output will be like below


function createNavigationonHome() {
 var endPointUrl = "http://pwsp2013/_api/Web/Navigation/GetNodeById(1031)/children";
 var headers = { 
 "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
 "content-Type": "application/json;odata=verbose",
 "X-RequestDigest": jQuery("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val()
 var call = jQuery.ajax({
 url: endPointUrl,
 type: "POST",
 data: JSON.stringify({
 "__metadata": { type: "SP.NavigationNode" },
 'IsExternal': true,
 'Title': "Blog",
 'Url': ""
 headers: headers

function successHandler(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
 SP.UI.Notify.addNotification("Navigation created Successully", false);
function failureHandler(errorMessage) {
 alert("Request Failed: unable to Navigation: " + JSON.stringify(errorMessage));

Navigation OnParent


  1. Hello Manimaran, This is a great blog post. This is exactly ehat I need. Is there a way to delete the item that we just added by any chance ?

  2. Nice Article. Very Helpful

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