Posted by: R Manimaran | July 18, 2014

Windows server 2012 : Cannot install drivers : Ethernet Adapters

Cannot install drivers. No Intel® Adapters are present in this computer:

I was installing Windows Server 2012 R2 in my laptop Lenovo L440. The laptop come with Windows 7 and initially all my Network cards are working fine.

After installing Windows server 2012 the machine does not able to locate my Ethernet card. I have downloaded the drivers in the below URL.

When I install the exe file I got the below error

When I search around in internet I came across some blogs they have mentioned the same issue.

Below are the steps I have followed.

· In your device Manager page, R.Click the Ethernet adapter driver and select properties.

· Go to the Details tab and select Hardware Ids property in the dropdown.

· Note down the Id in a notepad.

· Now extract the file contents of the driver(PROWIN64.exe) in a local drive.

· Locate the hardware id’s mentioned files in the extracted folder.

You can use the PowerShell to identify the files.

GET-ChildItem –recurse |Select-String –pattern “<your Hardware Id noted in notepad>” | group path |select name

In my case I am getting the 3 files containing this text.

Open the e1d64x64.inf file in the notepad and do the following. I have copied my Hardware entries to the below section

Which is missing.

Took a copy of this modified file and keep it safe.

Now run the PROWIN64.exe(un-extracted copy). This will extract the files in your temp folder.


After the extraction completed a wizard will be shown to install. Before clicking install, go to the temp folder and locate the file you have

modified and replace the file with the updated .ini file you have.

Now click install. The installation went file and my driver are updated successfully.



  1. Thanks for this post, I got my L440 to see the NIC with your help. You need to mention though that the “exclude from select” control flags block needs to have the device reference removed and that driver signing needs to be disabled for this to work.

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