Posted by: R Manimaran | June 5, 2013

Convert Table Rows to Comma Separated Values

Convert Table Rows to Comma Separated Values

One of team-mate today asked that he has some Numbers in a Excel rows (around 50-100) and he wants them to convert to comma separated values. See the sample below.


To quickly resolve this I have used excel and word. Here are the steps.

1. Copy the cells values from Excel.

2. Opened a Word document and select Paste è Paste Special

3. In the Paste Special option, select Unformatted Unicode Text

4. Now the content will get pasted in to the word document.

5. Click Ctrl +H to get the Find and Replace option.

6. In the Find box type ^p

7. In the Replace box type a comma ,

8. Click ok. Now you will get the items in the comma separated values.

The Reverse also possible

If you have comma separated values like below

1002, 5003, 6004, 7004, 8009

And you want them to convert to Excel Rows.

Reverse the above steps

· In the Find and Replace box find for comma(,) and in Replace text type ^p.

· This will place the comma separated contents to a paragraph format.

· Now copy the content and paste it in the excel.

So what is the ^p. It’s nothing but Paragraph tag.


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