Posted by: R Manimaran | August 9, 2011

Missing Documents Opened from Outlook Attachment and edited

Missing Documents Opened from Outlook Attachment and edited

Recently I opened a word document directly from the Outlook mail attachment and do editing. I have enabled the auto save option also. Other than that I used to save the file now and then while editing. On completing my changes I closed the file. After closing only I realized that I have opened the file directly from the Outlook and did those modifications. I again go to the mail which contains that file and re-opened. I found my changes are missing. In the recent documents of the word also the file is missing.

I do a windows search with the modification I have did in that file. But I can’t able to find the file. I thought that my one day work is gone and again I need to re-work on that document.

But I have the confident that somewhere in the system my file will be there. Finally I found that in the following location.

All the files opened from edited and saved from the outlook attachments get saved under this folder. This Content.Outlook is the hidden folder. After Temporary Internet Files type the Content.Outlook in the address bar to open the folder.

Inside the Content.Outlook you will have the folder similar to the above folder name. All the files will be within that folder.

Moral Learned: Though I found the document, the one I learned is don’t edit the document directly from the outlook attachment. First copy to your working folder and do the change. J



  1. aah most of the mail client works like that, when you open the attachment the application only knows fopen from some location. Since the content resides in the mail it just dumps it in some location and opens it up. glade you found your file.

  2. Tanks for the post buddy!!!

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