Posted by: R Manimaran | July 15, 2011

Hidding and Restoring Views Dropdown in the SharePoint 2007 List using OOTB

Hidding and Restoring Views Dropdown in the SharePoint 2007 List using OOTB

My team-mate asked a questions that he wants to hide the Views dropdown in the SharePoint List. But the condition is that we should not use the coding (any JavaScript or Object model).

Following is the output he likes to have.

I tried with all the settings and Permissions (Manage Personal Views). But no result. After a long search, I found this. It will be useful to someone.


1. Click the List link in the Quick Launch.

2. In the Opened page, select Site Actions àEdit Page

3. Click Add a Web Part.

4. In the Add web Part popup select your List to add as a Web Part.

5. Click Exit EditMode.

6. Now in the Page you will have two webpart. One with View DropDown and another one without the dropdown.

7. Now Edit the page and Close the below webpart which contains the View dropdown.

8. Now the expected result will be arrived.

To bring back the Views Drop down:

To bring back the Views drop down we need to follow some set of steps as below.

1. In the List select Settings à Create View.

2. Click “All Items” view from Start from an existing view.

3. Provide the View Name as “All” and check the “Make this the default View”.

4. Click ok and create the view.

5. Now the page will have an extra webpart added and look like this.

6. Now again edit the page and delete the webpart one which does not have the drop down.

7. Now the page will have the list with views drop down.

8. Then I changed the View from “All” to “All Items”. My DropDown again went off. To Correct this we need to have the help of SharePoint Designer.

1. Open the SharePoint Site in SharePoint Designer.

2. Go to List and select the List that you are currently working.

3. You will have the following following aspx pages.

a. AllItems.aspx

b. All.aspx (The view you created based on AllItems)

c. DispForm.aspx

d. EditForm.aspx

e. NewForm.aspx

4. Now Delete the AllItems.aspx. Before Deleting you have a copy of this view.(Here we have All.aspx which is the copy of All Items view. If you do not have the create a view on the page based on All Items view).

5. Now go to SharePoint site in browser and create a new View based on view name “All” which we created earlier.

6. Set that View as default view. Now we got back the View drop down.

7. Now the another problem. The view you have deleted i..e All Items is set default before you may lose the link in Quick launch.

To Restore the Quick launch link.

1. Go the List and select List Settings.

2. Click Title,Description and Navigation link under General Settings.

3. Under Navigation select Yes checkbox on “Display this list on the Qucik Launch”.

4. Now the List’s link will appear in Qucik launch.



  1. Better way is to delete AllItems view from in Library Setting and rename from All to AllItems, it not destroying quick launch link

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