Posted by: R Manimaran | January 21, 2011

Silverlight DatePicker and Calendar Control

Silverlight DatePicker and Calendar Control:

I am just exploring the Silverlight Controls while developing Silverlight application to use in SharePoint 2010. I came across calendar and date picker control which has some good facilities.

DatePicker – Disable previous dates Selection.

To Enable this


Calendar –Selection Modes

Following are the selection modes available in Calendar.

Mode – None

Mode –SingleDate

Mode: – SingleRange

Mode:- MultipleRange

Get Selected Dates:

DateTime[] datesArray = new DateTime[calendar1.SelectedDates.Count];

calendar1.SelectedDates.CopyTo(datesArray, 0);

label1.Content = " The Selected Dates are ";

foreach (DateTime dt in datesArray)


label1.Content += dt + ",";


label1.Content = label1.Content.ToString().TrimEnd(‘,’);

Calendar Display Modes

There are three display modes available.

1. Decade

2. Month

3. Year



  1. this is a useful control, we can leverage in sharepoint custom field controls

  2. Really nice control I was searching for it.

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