Posted by: R Manimaran | December 17, 2010

SmartTools.Chart Shows Empty Chart Problem: Resolved

SmartTools.Chart Shows Empty Chart Problem: Resolved

I have downloaded and installed Smart Tools Chart Beta tool from CodePlex. After the successful installation, I just added the web part in the home page and configured it show the data from my Task List.

But it shows the empty region in the webpart. I resolved it by doing the below steps.

1. Add a content Editor webpart in the page where you have added the Chart tool Webpart. In the content Editor webpart add the reference to Visifire2.js which is located in 12Hive_layoutsSmartTools.Chart folder.

2. Now we need to configure the IIS to add the MIME types for the Silverlight xap file. Follow the link below. Here it explained with screenshots and looks good.

After doing the above steps I got the Chart worked.


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