Posted by: R Manimaran | December 1, 2010

Testing the SMTP Server mail configuration

Testing the SMTP

After Installing the SMTP in my server I configured the Outlook to the mail sending/receiving operation. But is there is any other quick way to check our SMTP is configured correctly and working.

Here is the way using telnet.

Open the Command Prompt in the machine where you have configured the SMTP.


Type :

telnet <serverName> 25

Here 25 is the Port number used by the SMTP server <serverName>

After you hit the Enter key you will get the following Output.

The above output shows that it get response from your SMTP Server.

Checking Response:


Helo <servername>

Enter From Address:


Mail from: <sender mail address>

Enter To Address :


rcpt to: <mail Receiver address>

Mail Subject :

Type :

subject: This is the test mail using telnet

Mail content :



Now type the mail content and press Enter Key followed by a dot (.) and another enter Key.

Now your mail will be send successfully.

To exit the telnet :




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