Posted by: R Manimaran | November 9, 2010

SharePoint: Customize Document Information Panel to show only selected Site Columns

Customize Document Information Panel to show only Site Columns that is marked as Required.

While working in my project, there is a requirement. We have created some site column and a Content Type. The content type is derived from SharePoint Document Content Type.

I created a SharePoint document Library and added that Content Type. In the document Library when I create a new Document, the meta data from sharepoint are get populated in Word document as shown.

The properties are showned in a area know as Document Information Panel.This is nothing but a InfoPath Form. We can wrote a Infopath template and assign there.

In the above you can see all the metadata are showing. My requirement:Here I don’t want Some meta data to be displayed. After googling I found out the solution.

I have added the Site Column using Feature and Fields.xml file. In the XML file I missed an attribute ShowInFileDlg=”FALSE” which hide/show the meta data from the Document information Panel.

<Field ID=“{0EC4BB27-A63D-4b61-A75C-735600F2AE9C}”



DisplayName=“Project Id”



Group=“My Custom Group”





Setting the value ShowInFileDlg to TRUE will make the field to visible in Document Information Panel.



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