Posted by: R Manimaran | July 6, 2010

SQL SERVER REPORTING SERVICES ERROR: Forward dependencies are not valid


The report parameter ‘ID’ has a DefaultValue or a ValidValue that depends on the report parameter “ID”. Forward dependencies are not valid.


How to pass report parameter in rdl report ?

Here I recreated the error and provided the solution for the error.

  1. Create new Business Intelligence project. Select “Report Server project wizard” in the project type template.
  2. In the Wizard specify the data source of the SQL SERVER database.
  3. In the Query Builder build the Query.
  4. Select Report à Report parameters in the Menu.
  5. In the report parameters dialog box click Add to add a parameter.
  6. Specify the parameter as ID.
  7. In the available values select From Query.
  8. Select  the dataset as shown

Using Parameter in the Query

  • Now we need to use the parameter in the Query.
  • Select the Data source and modify the query to use the parameter ‘@ID’.
  • After setting the parameter in the query, the following error will come.

  • Here is the solution to solve the issue. For parameters we should not use same data source. We need to create another data source as follows.
  • Select “ in the drop down and use the following query.

  • Now change the parameter “ID”. Select Report à Report parameters. Select the Param DataSet in the drop down.

  • Now Click Preview. That’s it. Parameterized report generated.


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