Posted by: R Manimaran | June 24, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 and Visual Studio 2008 some useful tool and Shortcuts

After a long gap started again to update the blog.

If you are the beginner in Sharepoint, try to collect the following tools which will be useful in development.

  1. SharePoint Designer 2007
  2. WSBuilder
  3. SharePoint Manager 2007
  4. U2U CAML Query Builder GUI
  5. U2U SharePoint CAML Query Builder Feature
  6. Dispose Checker
  7. FxCop
  8. Fiddler
  9. Reflector
  10. Ant Profiler
  11. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Shortcuts

Ctrl +”.” Or Alt+Shift+F10 – automaticatlly adds the using statement for a Class

Ctrl+K+S – Opens up the code surround with snippet dialogue

Alt+Enter – Opens Properties Window

Shift +Del – Cuts the entire line and keep it in the clipboard

Ctrl+K+F –Format selected Code

Ctrl+K+d – Format all the code

Alt+Ctrl+E – Shows the Exception Window

Ctrl+K+C – Comment the line

Ctrl+K+U – UnComment the line

F12 – Go to definition

F9 – Break-Point

Ctrl+Alt+Q – Quick watch window

Ctrl+Shift+8 – Goes back

Ctrl+Shift+7 – Goes Forward

Ctrl+K+x – Opens the insert Snippet Window

Ctrk+K+M – Generate the method

Shift+alt+Enter – Full Screen

Ctrl+Alt+D – Opens the attach to process window

Ctrl+R+R – Quickly rename a method or variable

Ctrl+B+T – Book mark

Ctrl+M+M – Expand or collapse a region

Shift+F12 – Find all references

Ctrl + E + W – Word Wrop

Ctrl + W – Select the Whole word

Ctrl + Alt + P – Attach to Process

Ctrl + J (or) Ctrl + Space  – Intellisense

Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Select – Select the Whole Word

Ctrl +R, Ctrl+W – Show White Spaces


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