Posted by: R Manimaran | August 28, 2008

Crystal Report Infoview error: Unable to retrieve object.

Error in Infoview:


            Unable to retrieve object.

            Could not create an Object of type ‘CrystalReports.CrystalImageCleaner’



            Unable to retrieve object

            Object reference not set to instance of the object





            This error is due to conflict in the Business objects dll or the following dlls may be unregistered.


            Register the following dll using the Regsvr32 command.


regsvr32    “C:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\bin\WebReporting.dll”

regsvr32    “C:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\bin\ReportSourceBridge.dll”

regsvr32    “C:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\bin\CEReportSource.dll”

regsvr32     “C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\EnterpriseFramework.dll”



  1. Thanks R Manimaran, it worked like a charm
    Its really weird that reports were working few days ago and then all of sudden stopped and this re-register the dll made it work again. I am just wondering why would you need to re-register the dll again?


    • Hi Ehtisham,

      Could you please let me know the procedure to update this? I am new in this environment.
      Thank you, ROsie

  2. Hi,
    What do you mean by update? do you mean how to run the above command to re-register the dll? if that is the case, Open command prompt and copy paste the commands shown above in the command prompt one by one and hit enter and that’s it.

    But if you are talking about updating the crystal report software then i am not the person as i am also new to this product 🙂
    I hope i could understand your question correctly


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